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12 Volt Pump

A Bilge pump is generally marine water pumps that remove water from the Bilge on board boats. Since fuel can be present in the bilge, electric bilge pumps are designed to not cause sparks so are safe against causing fires on board. Bilge Pumps are not continuous running pumps and should operate no more than 40 minutes on and 20 minutes off. They can pump to high levels although the flow (volume) is low. Our 12 volt pump can be used for outdoor camper shower systems. They can handle water temperature no more than 60’c. 12 Volt Pumps have excellent self suction capability. They are controlled automatically with a built-in pressure switch. They have excellent corrosion resistance. A 12 Volt pump has low noise levels while operating.

Our 12 volt pumps are out-door shower pumps, solar pumps, water system pump and bilge pumps can also be used for applications such as Reverse Osmosis purification systems, Spray equipment, chemical metering and Printing industries.

12 volt pump12 Volt Drainage Pump
12 volt pump12 VOLT XCSP005
12 Volt Bilge Pump
12 Volt Bilge Pump